Top 10 things to know about buying property in Honduras

Oceanview property for sale

Thinking about buying property in Honduras? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  1. When real estate investors talk about buying in Honduras, they generally mean Roatan which is the biggest island of the Bay Islands and offers all the commercial, banking, medical and transportation services.
  2. Although this location remains unknown to many, Roatan has international direct air flight from numerous cities coming in from North America and Europe.
  3. Today, many have set their eyes on the east end of Roatan, first its lush vegetation, home to the only national park on the island known as Port Royal, certified blue flag beach, and attractive for a tranquil secluded destination.
  4. Foreigners can directly buy property in Roatan, and prices are generally lower than places in Mexico, or elsewhere in the Caribbean.
  5. The condo market is new but growing. However, much of the new product is orientated to beach homes, that are used for vacation rentals when they are not in use by owners.
  6. New development is taking place in the east end area, also followed by the near future project of the concrete main road.
  7. The purchasing process is not complicated, but it is different. It will be necessary the use of a local attorney
  8. It is possible to attain a Honduran Residency. However, there are different categories of residency, so it is important to know the laws. Again, an attorney will be necessary. Read our Hola Camp Bay blog post.
  9. Hollywood Celebrities are here, this can guarantee this location will turn into a secluded vacation paradise.
  10. In Honduras, foreigners can purchase up to 3,000 square meters (approximately 0.72 acres) of land within 40 kilometres of the country’s borders or coastlines.
5 replies
  1. Jorge Alvarado
    Jorge Alvarado says:

    What is the average price for square meter of coastline property/land?
    Or average price por square Vara V2

    • Robert McCarthy
      Robert McCarthy says:

      Hello Nilda,
      I am thinking about a move from the USA to Roatan. Ocean front property. Low maintenance, preferably gated community in safe area.

  2. clic aqui
    clic aqui says:

    Si ante este panorama, encuentra que tienen más peso los aspectos positivos y a su favor en la decisión de comprar vivienda, no lo piense y decidase, ya que además de acceder a un espacio vital, la vivienda propia le dará tranquilidad como parte de su patrimonio, le evitará dificultades relacionadas con el pago de renta y las restricciones que los habitantes en arriendo tienen en cuanto a construcción, remodelación y disposición del inmueble.


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