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Caribbean residential lots for sale

The latest information from the Honduran government can be found here:


Obtaining residency in Honduras can be a long-drawn-out process, where the services of a good lawyer (Abogado) are essential and required.

  • Citizenship papers-passport. (ALL pages are required even if they are empty)
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Degrees
  • Proof of Income
  • Criminal background check from every country in which you have ever resided
  • Health certificate from a hospital or clinic recognized by the Honduran government
  • What real property you own
  • A recent photograph is 6cm high by 5cm wide, taken from the front, with your name on the back of each copy.
  • Once you receive your certificate of residency, you then need to go to a local Immigration office in Plaza Mar, Coxen Hole.
  • Original of government-approved Residency document
  • Two more photographs 6cm high by 5cm wide (for the residency card)
  • Proof of income again i.e. bank statement (called a Constancia) showing deposit of income equal to $1500 or $2500 per month, depending on residency type
  • Proof you have a Honduran bank account, which letter you obtain from your bank

This must be repeated annually, showing proof of income deposited into a Honduran bank. After 5 years you can apply for a 5-year residency and later, permanent residency.

Patience is essential. Hire a good lawyer who can work on your behalf. We can make some recommendations if you want, contact us at Info@springwater.com

When renewing your card, we found out that a spouse can pick up the card when it arrives, if only one of you wants to go all the way into the office. However, for the application itself, you must be there in person to sign and be photographed.


If you want to bring in your household goods and a vehicle (no older than 10 years as of 2020), you will need to get a Dispensa or tax exemption. Again, a lawyer or paralegal is needed.

Not only do you need to provide a copy of your residency document, but you must also have a National Tax Registry number called an RTN, which you obtain from a DEI office; plus a detailed list of what will be coming into the country, translated into Spanish. Once the Dispensa has been approved, it is safe to have your items shipped to Honduras.


Keep an eye on the Document of the inventory for the preparation of the Dispensa. If not detailed enough your shipping food and medicines may cause you problems during the inspection.

Do not recommend entering a portable air conditioner as it contains a restricted gas – R22 (which while a prohibited substance can be purchased almost anywhere here in Honduras).

Make sure you are using the services of a good Customs Broker at your point of entry. Here at Springwater Resorts as a good neighbor we are more than glad to help you since we have a license from Zolitur to Import. If you need anything, please email us at info@springwater.com


The movement from a container into a van for delivery can be the easiest part of the entire procedure. Companies like Island Shipping, RasXpress in Roatan can perform an excellent job. We only have good things to say about the work they do.


We do have security as part of the development of Springwater Community, with a guard checking everyone who wants to come into the area, and at night walking or driving by the house every hour or so to see if everything looks OK.


You will need to obtain a Honduran Driver’s license once you obtain residency as they will no longer accept your foreign one – since as a resident you must comply with all local requirements.

Tests – outside the Los Fuertes police office there are laboratories for needed tests or you can go to the clinic of your preference. It will cost you about $20 USD for eye, medical & psychological tests that will be required. There a couple of offices offering the service, obviously private companies. You will be asked for how long – tell them you want a 1-year license and that you have had a foreign driver’s license (cost varies by length of time, but for your 1st license in Honduras you can only get for 1 year). The psychological test may have questions like; “do you like to travel fast around corners?”, “if in a tight parking space, do you bump the other vehicle?”.

Fee – in addition to the testing fee, you will need to go to Banco Atlantida to pay the license fee of LPs. 150 (around $5 USD). The bank will give you a receipt to take back to the police.

Police office –The bank will book an appointment for a week later it all depends on their availability. You will arrange to return a week later or when it is programmed.

The license – the following week of your appointed date & time, you will receive your licenses. The police will ask a few questions about your residency, blood type, etc., You will have your pictures taken again and printed on your licenses. You may be finalized in about 30 minutes. The license is good for 1 year. After 2 years you can apply for a longer one.

Here’s is some possibly redundant information (from the Facebook page of Roatan Lawyers):

Residency and Immigration

90 day Tourist Visa + 30 day extension = 120 days, costs $125 plus your passport with a valid Immigration Slip.
Takes about 5-7 days

Residency Categories

  • Permanent Monthly Income of at least $2500 or more a month (Rentista)
  • Permanent Monthly Pension of at least $1500 or more a month (Pensionado) o Married to a Honduran Citizen
  • Grandparents, parents, or sibling of a Honduran Citizen
  • Work Permit
  • Business Owners
  • More than 5 years living as a Legal Resident in Honduras (Inmigrado)
  • Economical Dependents

Residency Costs & Time Frame

Minimum expense of $1800. Prices vary according to residency type.

Can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Depends on receiving the complete and required documentation.

Getting Started

  • Provide a copy or scan of the passport page containing pictures and personal information.
  • Sign a Power of Attorney
  • Provide a Honduran address and phone number
  • 4 Passport Size Photos
  • Apostilled or Authenticated* Criminal Records from the place of birth AND if different, last place of residency
  • Honduran Medical Certificate

Requirements by Category

  • Permanent Monthly Income of at least $2500 or more a month (Rentista) Duly Authenticated or Apostilled* letter evidencing the income
  • Honduran Bank Account
  • Deposit every month the income in your Honduran Bank Account
  • Permanent Monthly Pension of at least $1500 or more a month (Pensionado) Duly Authenticated or Apostilled* letter evidencing the pension
    Note: Not allowed to work in Honduras with Rentista or Pensionado types of Residency
  • Married to a Honduran Citizen / Honduran Marriage Certificate
  • Spouse’s Honduran Birth Certificate Copy of Spouse’s Honduran Id Card
  • Grandparents, parents or brother of a Honduran Citizen Honduran Birth Certificate’s that proves the relationship

Work Permit

  • A legally established Honduran Business must: Sponsor your work permit
  • Provide the required corporate documents Comply with Honduran Labor Laws
  • Obtain an Id Card from the Ministry of Labor

Business Owner

  • Be the owner of a fully functioning Honduran Corporation. Director and shareholder.
  • Provide corporate documents. Or incorporate a Honduran entity.
  • This service is provided separately. Request cost detail for incorporation and licensing of an eligible corporation.
  • Business license
  • Initial financial statement

Permanent Resident

  • More than 5 years living as a Legal Resident in Honduras (Immigrate) Copy of your Residency Resolution
  • Copy of your Residency Registration
  • Copy of your Residency ID card

Applicable to all categories for Economical Dependents. (Spouse and children) Apostilled or duly authenticated* Marriage Certificate and Spouse’s Police Record. Apostilled or duly authenticated* Birth Certificate, children under 21.

Bank Statement that reflects you can support the economical dependent(s).

Oceanview property for sale

Thinking about buying property in Honduras? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  1. When real estate investors talk about buying in Honduras, they generally mean Roatan which is the biggest island of the Bay Islands and offers all the commercial, banking, medical and transportation services.
  2. Although this location remains unknown to many, Roatan has international direct air flight from numerous cities coming in from North America and Europe.
  3. Today, many have set their eyes on the east end of Roatan, first its lush vegetation, home to the only national park on the island known as Port Royal, certified blue flag beach, and attractive for a tranquil secluded destination.
  4. Foreigners can directly buy property in Roatan, and prices are generally lower than places in Mexico, or elsewhere in the Caribbean.
  5. The condo market is new but growing. However, much of the new product is orientated to beach homes, that are used for vacation rentals when they are not in use by owners.
  6. New development is taking place in the east end area, also followed by the near future project of the concrete main road.
  7. The purchasing process is not complicated, but it is different. It will be necessary the use of a local attorney
  8. It is possible to attain a Honduran Residency. However, there are different categories of residency, so it is important to know the laws. Again, an attorney will be necessary. Read our Hola Camp Bay blog post.
  9. Hollywood Celebrities are here, this can guarantee this location will turn into a secluded vacation paradise.
  10. In Honduras, foreigners can purchase up to 3,000 square meters (approximately 0.72 acres) of land within 40 kilometres of the country’s borders or coastlines.