Oak Ridge Mangrove Tour

Located on the east end of Roatan in the municipality of Santos Guardiola on Jonesville Point, on the south side of the island between Caribe Point and the seaside community of Jonesville, with the neighboring town of Oak Ridge further to the east.

This tour is considered by many as one of the most exciting tours since they ride a water taxi or famously called Tuk Tuk’s and see the beautiful aquamarine ocean hues and the exotic natural landmarks of mangrove canals that link these coastal communities. This amazing natural ecosystem making plenty feel like they are on a movie. “The Venice of Roatan” definitely fits the mold as a suitable nickname for this area.

  • Length: You travel to the community of Oak Ridge on your choice of a moto-taxi or a car. It is a 20-minute ride back and forth. On your arrival, you will board a tuk-tuk and visit the mangroves. The tour consists of a 3-hour ride, and later then you return to your boarding point where your transportation awaits.
  • What to bring: Comfortable wear, water bottle(s) hats, camera, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks (fruits, energy bars).
  • Min/Max Capacity: 2-8 People

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