Springwater Resorts presents you…

Roatan Tips I: We can start by what to bring!

1. Bring Cash!

Bring cash, stay updated with the currency value, at this moment we are at 24 Lempiras per $1.00

$1-5-10’s but no torn or stained bills. They aren’t accepted. You will be surprised how little you will be able to use credit cards. More so on our east side because it’s different from the West Bay side. Most all tour operators, drivers, restaurants, and bars all require cash. Bring tons of small bills for tips, even though it’s a big wad! You can cash US $ at ATM -mall in French Harbor. Also, the airport ATM gives USD$. US $ are accepted nearly everywhere.

2. Bring bug spray

-Industrial strength!

3. Cortisone anti-itch

Because you will get bug bites, serious, you may consider getting vitamin B shots to help your skin recover quicker.

4. Ziplock baggies

Funny how handy they become in warm temperatures; Since everything you own will be wet from swimming, rain, sweat, or humidity. Also, stores don’t give you a bag, so a carry bag is helpful.

5. Passport case\bag

for dampness, accidents like falling in the sea, pool, ending in the machine washer or lost in the taxi cab after a couple of drinks…

6. Underwater camera, of course!!!

7. Download WhatsApp

Everyone uses it

8. Tip everyone

So many folks work hard to make your trip wonderful, and this Island depends primarily on tourism. Your tips are really appreciated!

9. There are stray dogs and cats everywhere

Innocent dogs, cats, Island rabbits, and even horses get hit by cars- Roarescue.org is an island organization that spays and neuters animals, an uphill climb! Any donation is super welcome.

10. It’s hard to get around

Unless you’re in West Bay or West End the entire time, it’s difficult to negotiate the island. There are cheap taxis but negotiate b4 getting in a car OR hiring a private driver – You can call Springwater resorts’ Taxis at WhatsApp 504-3210-2985. Affordable and we will show you everything, 100% customer service.


Whenever exploring, you must visit the Eastend.

You can want to visit, the beach Club, Trico, take awesome pictures at the pirate boat ISERY, visit Oak ridge aboard the party boat, and Punta Gorda on SUNDAYS!!! are a must.  Visit with time the far east. Have lunch at Paya bay Resort, Diamond Hill, Go to Dive Pangea (all about dive, dive, dive!) Camp Bay lodge (All about Kite, Kite, Kitesurfing) La Sirena of Camp Bay (All about Dine, dine, and Drinks), and Springwater resorts all about Hike, Hike, and phenomenal views.