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The Springwater initiative is the creation of an island lifestyle and unique residential community in this Caribbean paradise. This tropical sanctuary gives you the opportunity of ownership to become part of this enchanting land.

Camp Bay is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. Check out our Development Project, maybe you can own a slice of Camp Bay today.

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What our guests have to say

“Where to even begin. This house is AMAZING!!! Its nature at its finest! It’s surrounded by vegetation and you have the ocean at your feet!  So much breeze that we didn’t even get bit by mosquitos or blackflies. Amazing way to wake up. And all the other rooms also beautiful and clean! It has two pools a palapa in front and a big wooden table in the sand with lighting so you can also have dinner there with an INCREDIBLE VIEW of the beach and the SUNSET. JUST WOW!

The stay was great! The staff was accommodating, and all of our needs were met. Gabriel was welcoming and very attentive and communicative throughout the entire stay. It was quite an exceptional experience. I will certainly be returning to this property.

Every person in our group of 9 enjoyed themselves, and there was something for everyone! Sometimes, we wanted to just relax in/by the pool, swing on the various swings, enjoy the privacy on the beach just steps from the pool, hang out on the deck or even at the fun little bar that was within walking distance. Other times we wanted to be more adventurous and did some snorkeling, hiking, a boat ride, and our own personal guided island tour that included shopping, zip-lining, monkeys and sloths! The island is beautiful, and we enjoyed learning the history of it.